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New Agutaya

New Agutaya is a barangay located in San Vicente, Palawan, known for its unique history and cultural heritage. Originally, it was known as Nasalugan, a name derived from the Cuyunon word “saleg,” which translates to “floor.” The barangay was initially a sitio of Barangay Alimanguan and fell under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Taytay in the southernmost region.

The first settlers of Nasalugan were Mr. Bartolome Adion and his family, including his brother-in-law, Mr. Jose Favillaran. As the area developed over time, migrants from the municipality of Old Agutaya started settling in this sitio. Consequently, the population of Agutaynens – the natives of Old Agutaya, started to swell.

Embracing the new demographic shift, the residents, led by Mr. Adion, who served as the first Barangay Captain, voiced their wish for autonomy. They presented a petition to the Municipal Mayor of Taytay, Domingo Mercado, seeking to establish their own barrio, or village. Their request was favorably received and approved.

In recognition of their roots and acknowledging the majority of the inhabitants’ origin, Melquiades Pablico, during a Barangay meeting, proposed to rename Nasalugan as “New Agutaya.” This motion was unanimously carried, and thus, the sitio was officially christened as New Agutaya.

A significant transition for New Agutaya came in 1969 when the municipality of San Vicente was officially established on June 21. As part of this administrative realignment, New Agutaya, along with Barangays Binga and Alimanguan, were waived by the municipality of Taytay and incorporated into San Vicente.

From then onwards, New Agutaya has proudly carried its legacy, standing testament to the resilience of its founding families and their ties to their native Agutaya. Today, the barangay is an integral part of San Vicente, Palawan, contributing to the region’s diversity and vibrancy.