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Barangay Caruray, located in San Vicente Palawan, derives its name from the native Tagbanua word “Muruway,” which translates to “simple” or “simply easy terms of livelihood.” The name reflects the historical significance of the area as a place where both indigenous people and migrants enjoyed abundant resources from the land and the surrounding seas.

The early settlers, consisting of the Tagbanua indigenous people and migrants, thrived in Caruray due to the fertile land and the abundance of marine resources. They engaged in various livelihood activities, such as farming and fishing, which provided them with sustenance and economic opportunities. The simplicity and ease of their livelihoods are encapsulated in the name “Muruway.”

Over time, as migrants and strangers arrived in the area, the pronunciation of “Muruway” gradually changed, leading to the name “Caruray.” This alteration in pronunciation was likely due to the unfamiliarity of the new arrivals with the Tagbanua language. Despite the mispronunciation, the name Caruray stuck and became the commonly used name for the barangay.

Caruray was formerly part of the neighboring Puerto Princesa City until it was officially transferred to the jurisdiction of San Vicente in 1972. This transfer of administrative control marked an important milestone in the barangay’s history and solidified its integration into the municipality of San Vicente.

Today, Caruray remains a vibrant and culturally diverse barangay within San Vicente Palawan. It continues to be home to a mix of indigenous people and migrants who contribute to the community’s rich heritage. The area’s natural beauty, with its lush landscapes and pristine seas, attracts tourists and visitors, boosting the local economy through tourism-related activities.

In Caruray, visitors can explore the captivating natural attractions, including white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and diverse marine life. The barangay’s commitment to environmental conservation ensures that these natural wonders are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Additionally, Caruray serves as a gateway to other popular tourist destinations in the surrounding area, such as the stunning Long Beach and the breathtaking El Nido. Its strategic location and connection to these attractions make it an ideal starting point for travelers looking to explore the wonders of Palawan.

Caruray, formerly known as “Muruway,” is a barangay in San Vicente Palawan that has a rich history rooted in the harmonious coexistence of indigenous people and migrants. The name Caruray emerged from the mispronunciation of “Muruway” by newcomers to the area. Today, Caruray stands as a testament to the natural beauty of Palawan and offers visitors a glimpse into its diverse culture and thriving tourism industry.